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Having your business online is a must these days and Stearns Design is your Internet Solution to help you reach your online goals. We have over a decade of experience building websites that focus on company's unique business needs and get results.

Getting Online
New to the Internet? It is never too late to start! Stearns Design offers you the personal attention to get you up and running and lead you through the many available online options. Stearns Design has escorted many businesses from their first steps online, to having a site they are proud of. We understand that your site is a reflection of your unique business and business goals and before we start building,  Stearns Design will take the time to understand your needs and goals for the site.

Websites to Match Your Needs
Whether you are looking for a Small or Medium Website that you can manage yourself, a Larger custom Website with special functionality, or a Corporate Intranet site, Stearns Design will work with you to create the look, feel and functionality you feel most comfortable with. We design all of our sites based on best practices and always that take into account factors such as ease of use, technical optimization and marketing strategy, in order to deliver the best experience for your visitors.

Small and Medium Websites

  • We register your Custom Domain Name
  • Create Private Domain Registration (if desired)
  • Choose the proper website host and platform for your needs
  • Work with you to customize the right overall design template
  • Design Pages with your logo and text
  • Configure your E-mail Accounts

Large Custom Websites

  • Everything included above for smaller sites
  • Add custom design
  • Add custom coded functionality (if desired)
  • Add database functionality (if desired)

Intranet Sites
Intranets are the hubs of collaboration inside companies. Unlike public websites, where an organization speaks to customers, Intranets enable better internal communication.

  • Work with you to determine Goals for your company's Intranet
  • Work with your company's IT department to set-up your Intranet
  • Work with you to customize the right overall design template
  • Add custom coded functionality (if desired)
  • Add database functionality (if desired)

Internal Apps
We can create custom sites / Apps to help your business function in a more productive way. It is like having custom software that exactly fits your needs, speaks your company's language, and is tailored to how you do business. All our "3-Tier" Apps consist of: a presentation level (what you see), an application level (all the logic behind the scenes), and a data level (that stores information in a database). Apps can have admin and staff views that limit what can be done by each user group.

Companies that current use 100s of Excel and Word docs to manage their project data and reporting, will greatly benefit from these Apps! No more opening endless docs to find data, no more data changed by accident on a company spreadsheet, and data can be password protected and viewed off-site!

  • Apps to help you manage your internal data/ processes
  • Great for managing Production stages and seeing real-time reporting
  • An efficiant way to track and compare Laboratory data and results
  • Good for custom Customer Service and HR data needs

Website / Intranet Maintenance

After your site is built, Stearns Design will work with you to determine the best course for your site going forward. Our years of real-world experience lets us know what you may need years from now and we will consult with you on which web strategy will best serve you for years to come.

To find out more about maintaining, redesigning or expanding an existing site, please see our Website Maintenance Plans.

Take the next step today! Contact us and let's discuss what Stearns Design can do for you.



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