Large Websites

This is the best option for businesses looking for a larger website. Stearns Design will create a site that captures your business message and broadcasts it to your customers.

Building a new website is like building a new house: first choose an address, then build a foundation, then paint and add a few rooms.

Step 1: Choose your Address. A web address (domain) is your web location, like “” or “”. Think of it as the location you will build your site on. Your web address should be easy to remember and if possible, it should also describe your business.

Stearns Design will take care of the technical process of searching for an available domain name, suggest other options if needed and then register it properly in your name.

Step 2: Build a Foundation. Like a house, a website needs a sturdy foundation to be built on. We give you the choice of a number of web layouts to build from. You choose the basic layout that you feel best suits your needs.

Step 3: Decorate your Site. After you choose the basic layout, you get to choose the colors of all the different elements, plus we will add your own logo and images. We are skilled at converting your existing look and feel off-line to a complementary design online. Stearns design will work with you to digitalize, rework and bring the look and feel of your existing print material/ brand to life on the site.

Step 4: Add New Pages.When the styling is done, it is time to fill the site with substance! We will add on eight additional webpages to the home page, so you get a complete, 9-page site. Most businesses choose these pages: Home, About Us, five Service or Product pages, Directions and Contact Us. You can choose whatever eight pages work best for you. Just let us know what each page will say about your company and we will add it all to your site.

Business Extras!

ADD-Ons: Business websites include optional Website add-ons to add to your pages, like: Forms for your Contact Us page, Calendars for Upcoming Events page and custom Maps for your Directions page. Stearns Design will configure these add-ons to meet your unique business needs.

CMS: After the site is done, we will walk you through your site’s content management system (CMS), which allows you the ability to make any changes going forward. That’s right, after the site is built, it is all yours! If it makes sense for your business, Stearns Design is also there to perform routine maintain and upgrades to sites as well.  

Email: Your site also comes with 50 e-mail boxes for you to use for yourself and staff. We will get you started by setting up your first 10 email boxes for you, and send you instructions on how to get the most out of your email.

Large Websites Includes:

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